About JSD

 In 2008, JSD was founded as specialized trading company for raw materials and additives of lubricating oil to meet the demands for calcium sulfonate within Japan.

 In 2015, JSD, as a formally approved agent of Quimica Liposoluble S.A. de C.V. in Japan, successfully restructured its business into a style with more intimate and effective relationship of communication and collaboration, which continues to this day.

 In 2017. JSD became a distributor for an oil cleaning system employing “cellulose capillary filter, from Europa, the best way to control the oil cleanness that will directly answer for the needs of SDGs, that should be the most important value for tomorrow and for everybody. Such “cellulose capillary filter” cleans the oil by removing contaminant particles as small as 100 nanos. It can be used in fine hydraulic systems to lubricant oil and hydraulic oil in paper making machines, as well as turbine oil in large power-generating facilities. It not only cleans the oil, but also removes the sludge and varnish formed inside the machine. This leads to longer life of the machinery as well as the parts, and dramatically reduces the cost and time spent on maintenance. It further stops the oxidation of the oil and allows the same oil to be used indefinitely (at least 10 times longer than usual). It also eliminates waste oil, thus contributing to environmental cleanliness.