JSD Ltd. – Our Responsibility

 JSD Ltd. trades lubricant oil raw materials and additives, and also offers the world’s most advanced oil cleaning technology — cellulose capillary filter — which achieves “Zero Waste” with lubricant oils, hydraulic oils and turbine oils. This radically new type of oil filtration will help users achieve SDGs in their respective fields.

 JSD operates as a formally approved agent in Japan for Quimica Liposoluble S.A. de C.V., a world renowned maker of sulfonate, a lubricant oil raw material. We communicate with Qumica Liposoluble directly and constantly, including their research and development, product manufacturing, and sales and logistics departments, in order to meet the needs of our customers in Japan by ensuring stability in quality and supply.

 IT and AI technologies are advancing each day, and this is driving the automobile industry to further evolve and develop. When we think of the future of oil resources and oil related industries, this present time could be a huge turning point. As oil is located in specific areas around the globe, we must be aware of the political and economic developments around the world as we consider how to protect the interests of Japanese companies and industries.

 For Japan to be able to dream toward the future, JSD Ltd. promotes a more thorough management of oil resources and oil products. We hope to play a small part in keeping our planet safe and green for our children to thrive in the coming generations.

JSD President, Eiji Suzuki