Sulfonate Products

 JSD is the formally approved agent in Japan for Quimica Liposoluble S.A. de C.V., a company in Mexico which has been producing sulfonate products used to make lubricant oils and greases since its founding in 1984.

 Due to its top-level achievements, Quimica Liposoluble is well known in the lubricant oil industry worldwide, and has agreements with several large lubricant oil producers for technical collaboration and manufacturing.

 Each sulfonate product is a functional additive that gives the lubricant oil its necessary qualities, and acts as detergents, dispersants, acid neutralizers, and rust and corrosion inhibitors. Some of the products serve as thickeners in the production of grease. They are also used in engine oil, washing liquid, fibers, leather products, and mineral processing.

List of Sulfonate Products

  • Overbased Calcium Sulfonate (400TBN/300TBN, Food processing grade)
  • Neutral Calcium Sulfonate (Low chlorine type)
  • Barium Sulfonate (neutral and alkaline)
  • Magnesium Sulfonate (Low, medium and high molecular weight)
  • Sulfonic Acid (Self-owned sulfonation facility)

 The food processing grade calcium sulfonate has passed the NSF and HX1 certificates. It has also been approved as Halal product for Islamic food standards and a Kosher product for Jewish food standards. Thus it is safe to use in products exported to the United States and Islamic countries such as Indonesia and the Middle East.

 In order to meet the specific production needs of companies, we are available for technical collaboration, toll manufacturing, and customized specifications on raw materials. Please contact us for further information.